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Do YOU need a professional writer?

The answer is YES.

Modern businesses run on words. Advertising, case studies, manuals, web content, press releases, newsletters, articles, scripts, help files, and catalogs; it all adds up. Generating copy is vital to your business, but it is also time consuming and distracting. We live in a global economy that demands your having the edge. Sure, your product can ďsell itselfĒ, but why settle for that when you can get your brand into potential customersí minds and make it stay there? What about that great web site you just put up? Doesnít it deserve great content?

Thatís where I come in. My job as a freelance writer is to make your life easier by giving you the opportunity to get your projects off the ground and out the door in the most cost-effective manner possible. I provide solid, concise writing that lets your company present a consistent image to your audience whether they are potential customers or in-house.

More important, I sell you time. No one knows your business better than yourself and itís your message you want to get out there, but writing is hard work. It keeps you and your employees from concentrating on whatís really important; serving your customers, making sales, and growing your business. I can take the writing tasks off your hands and give them the undivided, professional attention they deserve. I not only bring years of award-winning writing and editing experience with major companies such as Microsoft and Boeing, but also the fresh perspective of an outsider.

As a freelance writer, Iím much easier on your budget. I can fulfill your needs without adding to your payroll. Hiring a freelancer means youíre only buying what you need when you need it. Thereís no worries about salary, benefits, office overhead, or tax withholdings, so my services simplify your bookkeeping. I even make my own coffee.

Freelance doesnít mean fly-by-night. I donít just do one-off projects. I believe in building
long-term relationships with my clients to ensure that their success. Updates, revisions, and new editions; Iíll be there for you.

Phone or e-mail today to learn how I can help you to succeed.

Why hire a freelancer?

Four big reasons:


Writing assignments come on short notice and with deadlines that press on the valuable time of you and your staff needed for more important tasks.  I can help you take up the slack without sacrificing quality and turn a burden into an asset.


Unlike regular or contract employees, I work by the job and charge only for hours that go into completing a task, not by the work week.  Also, as a freelancer, there's no recruiter fees, benefits or taxes to worry about.


As a freelancer, I can focus completely on your writing needs with a fresh perspective and without  distraction.  Producing the best copy possible is my number one priority. 

Lightening the Load

It's my job to make your life easier by getting your message out, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business, managing your non-profit, or just getting on with your life.

Telephone: 206-718-1738

Fax: 360-863-8018


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