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The world of The Quatermass Conclusion (1979) is a grim one.  Society is on the verge of collapse (those Martian genes must have kicked in), governments are reduced to the carrot of pornographic television and the stick of a brutal mercenary police to maintain any sort of order.  Cities are given over to bands of robbers and young people are abandoning their parents to follow bizarre cult leaders. 

It was made in the '70s, all right.

A retired and hopelessly embittered Prof. Quatermass is hunting for his granddaughter, who has run away with the Planet People; a cult that  believes that they are going to be transported to another world.  While at a gathering of the Planet People at Stonehenge, Quatermass sees a bright light flash out of the sky and instantly blast everyone in the stone circle to dust. 

You'd think that civilisation going down the tubes would be bad enough, but Quatermass discovers that the cult problem is not sociological in nature.  It's commercial.  Young people are being deliberately drawn to stone circles and other sites all over the world and when enough of them are gathered, beams from space destroy them as part of some sort of a harvest by indifferent aliens.   Apparently, the human body contains something as  attractive to the aliens as spices or tobacco are to us-- and about as trivial.  And this isn't anything new.  The aliens have been scooping up their human produce since prehistoric times at five thousand year intervals  and that is why the stone circles  that dot various parts of the world were built in the first place; as a warning against the return of the danger.

Marvellous.  Man learns his place in the universe and it's as an ingredient in a marinade.

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