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If you're want future food, you need future farms.

But they can't just be any old farms.  Future farms need to be scientific, technological and sanitised.  It can't be a place of straw and horses and muck and ruddy-faced rustics quaffing pints of ale in a manner to please G. K. Chesterton.  It has to be a machine for growing food where corn is sown in tanks, meat grows in test tubes, where cows are washed and fed and milked on rotolactors and where health and safety notices in nice, clean plastic adorn every flat surface.  It must be a place of chrome and electricity and robots where the stink of manure is replaced by the tang of ozone.

In other words, it must be a most unfarmlike farm of the sort imagined by people who don't really like the country all that much and farms least of all.

Think of it was a chicken coop designed by a technocratic fox-- if you'll pardon the rural metaphor.

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