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Contrary to popular belief, I, Robot was not coined by Isaac Asimov for his first collection of robot short stories, but was rather the title of an "amazing confession" by Eando Binder.    This 1939 short story was basically a robotic replay of the cinematic version of the Frankenstein story with the novelty of having the robot in question, Adam Link, providing a first-person narrative.   It helped to make Adam Link a more sympathetic character who could comment on human fears and reactions, but it killed the suspense of the pursuit by angry mob bit, since a character can hardly relate an event that ended with getting killed.

Adam Link was so well received that he was soon launched in his own series of short stories: I, Robot (1939), The Trial of Adam Link (1939), Adam Link in Business (1940), Adam Link's Vengeance (1940), Adam Link Fights a War (1940), Adam Link, Champion Athlete (1940), Adam Link, Robot Detective (1940), Adam Link Faces a Revolt (1941) Adam Link Saves the World (1942). 

The 1943 stories Adam Link Goes Quantity Surveying and Adam Link Visits Winnie the Pooh  went nowhere. 

The Adam Link stories started out modestly enough with plots about  his attempts to blend into human society, which isn't easy when you're a giant robot with the strength of ten men.  It wasn't long, however, before the series suffered from the dread pulp disease of the Ever Expanding Menaces.  It was only a matter of time before Adam Link and his robot mate went off to war or were confronting invader's from beyond the stars with the predictable decline in plot and style.

Take this example.  The now very humanoid Adam Link is doing battle with the Sheep Men from the Beyond.  Fortunately, the series ended before he came up against the Hamster People from Pluto.

In 1963, Adam Link made a rare television appearance in an episode of The Outer Limits that recounted his going on trial for his creator's murder. 

This gripping courtroom drama reminds me of A Few Good Men... kicking me repeatedly in the groin.

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