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Down, Sparko!  Down!

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A robot and his electric dog.  Sparko was built by Westinghouse as Elektro's robotic pet, though from his much more basic construction, I have a feeling that he was a bit of a slap-together job.

I'm a machine.  What the deauce am I actually begging FOR!?

I recall reading about Sparko  as a small boy in a children's book of robots.   Sparko was apparently equipped with photoelectric cells in his eyes and would walk toward any bright light that was shined at him.  According to the book, Sparko was destroyed when he wandered out of the Westinghouse pavilion and was run over when he tried to catch a car's headlamps.  A nice little tale, but if you look at Sparko's legs you can see that this 'bot couldn't turn a degree in either direction and would have enough trouble going straight, let alone "wandering" out on to the public highways. 

Still, Sparko was a real babe magnet for Elektro.

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And here are Sparko's innards

Also, another example of robot dogs.

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