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The Sea.  The Underwater World.  Inner space.  Whatever you call it, exploring and colonising the oceans was big stuff once upon a time.  In fact, at the height of the Space Age in the early '60s it was regarded by many as being as big a thing as the conquest of the Moon.  Governments, corporations, and foundations poured billions into undersea research.  So many submersibles were built that they caused a glut that depressed the market for decades. 

Public interest also ran high.  Switch on the telly and you could see Flipper acting the part of wet Lassie, Jacques Cousteau was explaining that "Zee sea ees mohst beeutifool when eet ees mohst sahvage," and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea told us of how the oceans were overrun with rubber monsters and stock footage.   Meanwhile on the silver screen George C. Scott was conversing with dolphins doing Elmo impersonations

It seemed a sure bet that by the early '70s we'd be flipping a coin as to whether we'd be spending our holidays on the Moon or at the Poseidon Hilton on the bottom of the Carribean.  Many future brides have dreamt of sending wedding invitations to guests inviting them to the perfect underwater wedding reception. Where the receptions were located in dreamlike underwater castles, much like those in Atlantis, but better.

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