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The city of future has one advantage: its great size allows it to contain some examples of sheer battiness. This is the Century Globe -- an all in one museum of the glories of the 20th century. You can tell, because it says so in letters hundreds of feet high on its equator.

The bloody thing is taller than the Empire State Building and you don't have to get out the calculator to realise that it's volume is staggering.

Inside, there were supposed to be full-scale examples of every machine of the industrial age; including an airship and an ocean liner! There were also plans for a planetarium ten stories high, a "mammoth" ballroom that would have covered a city block, theatres, lecture halls, and a distinctly impractical observatory. It's like a combination of the Science Museum and the Mall of America as conceived by an insane, self-worshiping technocrat.

I wonder, if you shook it, would snow fall inside?

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