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Urban Utopias

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The future could be many things, but one thing it could not be was dull. Anyone who has watched enough Star Trek has had it drummed into his head that the future is going to be a fun-filled utopia aside from the odd Borg invasion, that is.

In most depictions of future cities the utopian theme is implied, but in some it is explicit, such as this scene from Hugo Gernsback's Ralph 124C41+, where we see the title character taking his date on a tour of a New York that has become a technocratic controlled Heaven on Earth. Here the scientist reigns supreme and everything is productive, efficient, and ever so scientific. Never mind that night has been abolished, milk looks like chip shop curry, farmland has been turned into glassed over agrifactories or that some scientist on a whim might throw a massive electric charge through an entire city at a second's notice.

On the plus side you get electric roller skates.

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