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Rocket Mail

Future Transport

Somehow I don't think that the term "rocket mail" was meant to refer to jet-propelled postmen.

More likely people had in mind something like the illustration on the left: the transatlantic mail rocket as envisioned by the German Verein fur Raumschiffahrt in 1932. This marvel of engineering with its rocket engines where the nosecone should be was designed to fly to an altitude of 300 miles, cross the Atlantic Ocean and then descend with its (rather small) cargo of letters and parcels to its destination with an error factor of only fifty miles.

That means that if you're waiting for your Amazon shipment to arrive in New York and it's too cloudy for the infrared homing beam you've got a better than fifty-fifty chance that your copy of Sex Kittens Go to College will land somewhere off the coast of New Jersey rather than Idlewild Airport.

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