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The future of cosmetics as seen from 1924 seems a tad aggressive. Tired of dyeing your hair? Tattoo you head. A bit bow-legged? Try aluminium braces for size. Proboscis not to your liking? Bring on the nose screws.

Vanity, vanity. All is vanity.

  • 1. An electric manicuring device which will shape the nails, remove the cuticle, give a dull or bright finish, all by means of a mechanical arrangement. The shaping of the nails is done by means of rotating rollers. A rotating buffer, to which is applied a polishing compound, gives a finish.

  • 2. This is.. ah-hum... a bow-leg straightener, which consists of a stiff aluminium frame adjustable to the shape of the calf and lower leg, but yet held rigidly straight.

  • 3. An electric eyebrow tweezer which does its work painlessly and permanently is illustrated at No. 3. An electric current kills the root of the hair.

  • 4. Here is a perfume spray, pocket size, which may be used to perfume the breath, etc.

  • 5. The ability of certain electric rays to grow hair is more or less established.  his is applied at 5 in an electric eyelash grower.

  • 6. For permanently dyed hair, there will be an electric needle which injects the pigment beneath the scalp, colouring the hair from the roots, obviating all trace of artificiality.

  • 7. The nose shaper is already known in a different form. At 7 a split casing fits rigidly over the nose forcing it into shape by tightening a few screws.

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