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Plastic House

Future House

Home is where you hang your vacuum-form, high-impact, ozone-resistant hat. I've seen a lot of designs for homes of the future and all of them have one thing in common: extreme lack of comfort and a shortage of privacy.

For example, you can have a home like the Monsanto House of the Future that was a showpiece at Disneyland from 1957 to 1967. As you may have guessed from the Monsanto name, it was made entirely out of plastic. Were don't just mean plastic walls and floors. We mean windows, curtains, dishes, furnishings, shelves and knickknacks.  I even suspect that the kids were plastic, but that has yet to be verified.  

True, it did have al the modern conveniences, such as ultrasonic dishwashers, speakerphones and hideaway fridges, but the very nature of the place made it like living in hot tub that someone drained and then stood on end.Also try hanging a picture.  Either your arm or the high-impact plastic will give and neither will be pretty. One of the positive aspects of all-plastic living is that at spring cleaning time you can bypass the commercial cleaning company and just hose it all down.

And here is Monsanto's side of the story:

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