Tales of Future Past v2

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Future Pad

Future House

Hey, how can you be a hip, with-it, future-type guy if you haven't got a futuristic bachelor pad? It just ain't gonna happen!

So what do you need? First, get yourself lots of extruded plastic panels. You can't have too many of them and never mind that they look cheap and hideous in the light of day.

Then you need art -- and I'm not talking Norman Rockwell here. Find the biggest, most embarrassing piece of abstract rubbish you can find; preferably something that looks like it was churned out by the yard and cut to order. If it can be back lit -- bingo!

Furniture, of course, should be geometric or oddly curved, made of man-made fibres, and be as uncomfortable as Hell. If you keep tripping over it, you have a bonus.

Of course, you must have electronics. Make sure they are big, clunky, and built in, so they can't be upgraded without ripping the whole place apart. Be sure to make a massive wrong guess about formats and select reel to reel recorders. And have the television screen in an unwatchable place for that added cachet!

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