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We're so used to the idea of movies as a form of popular entertainment that we often forget that there was a time when people were still trying to figure out what the heck moving pictures are good for.

Take this set of predictions regarding Hollywood's future from Hugo Gernsback. I'll bet Cecil B. de Mille never thought of using film to teach dancing on a glass floor.

Maybe the tap shoes' problem had something to do with it.

  • 1. "Reel" newsboys of tomorrow selling "news" movies to the public.

  • 2. Tomorrow we shall learn the piano by movies of a master's fingers projected on to the keyboard.

  • 3. Dancing by movies of the feet flashed on a ground glass floor will be the usual thing.

  • 4. Papa brings the "news" reel home and shows it to family in the library.

  • 5. There will be a machine with all sorts of horns and other devices including drums for producing every imaginable sound "effect" behind the screen.

  • 6. In movie theatres tickets till be sold by automatic machines.  Automatic telltale light boards will indicate the seats vacant in any certain row.

  • 7. The movie fan of tomorrow will use headphones and hear perfectly the voices of the screen actors.

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