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Aerosol Mash

Future Food

You think Easy Cheese  that squirts out of a can is vile? Then you have no idea what were the horrors that might have been.  

Back in the 1950s, aerosols were all the rage as the Second World War "bug bomb" passed into civvie street. Soon consumers all over the world were squirting everything from insect repellant to antiperspirant to paint to nail lacquer out of spray cans until it sounded as if the world had developed a speech impediment.

The original aersol cans used refrigerant propellants, which meant that foods and other substances couldn't be dispensed because the propellant would react with the contents and result in nasty poisons or the side of the can corroding through like cheap aftershave on a linoleum counter. Then Conn Chem developed a new line of propellants based on inert gases and hydrocarbons. It wasn't long before things like whipped cream, cheese, and cooking sprays became possible.

Unfortunately, aerosol mashed potatoes were also considered. Yes, nothing says good eats like a side order of cold, airy mash squirting out of a can.

I think I'll have the chips instead.

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