Tales of Future Past v2

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Philco Ford

Future Kitchen

Ta da!  Philco-Ford's kitchen of 1999 as seen from 1967. It's the Jetsons on the cusp of the '70s.

Behold the wonders. There's a food processor. No, not a small counter appliance with whirring blades. It's the huge combination microwave/freezer unit on the left. In the Future Past of 1999, there's no tedious taking dinners out of the freezer and then nuking them; a computer-controlled conveyor does the hard work for you. Talk about lazy.

And no dishwashing. Plastic plates are extruded on the spot and then disposed of at the end of the meal. This causes Greenpeace to go into fits of apoplexy, so 1999 truly is the day of Utopia.

The computer can even do the shopping and prepare the meals automatically. If it can also scrape them into the bin, then the cycle is complete and no one needs to show up for dinner. This is just as well because the computer is a bit of a tyrant if you insist on the cheese burger rather than the cold roast beef sandwich. Cross it, and you'll be asked to go out and fix the satellite antenna before you know it.

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