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Of course, there's always a sea cruise with vita-glass enclosed sun deck, rocket-launch life-boats and even a two-way  television antenna. The blurb from Amazing Stories says that the decks are all enclosed to keep the waves off and  the sun deck is sealed in glass for perfect warm weather while tanning. What is it with predictions and their dislike of the weather?  Must be for the sort of people who'd be happy living in a habitrail. But let the brochure speak for itself:

All the skill of science will go into this sleek greyhound of the seas. Completely enclosed in a streamlined weather-proof hull. It will be absolutely independent of outside conditions. Unsinkable because of triple-hull construction, it will be storm proof. No longer will high seas and buffeting winds retard speed. Super powerful engines will drive it through wind and water on an even level. Seasickness will be a rarity and medical science will provide instant relief for infrequent sufferers. A vita glass enclosed deck will provide perpetual warm climate weather, brilliant sunshine without cold winds, comfort even in storms. No more will waves wash the decks, but slip harmlessly over gleaming metal and glass. Perhaps not much increase in size will be attempted, but speeds will be increased over the fastest existing record of today until they become commonplace. Every comfort and convenience will be available. The ship will be a world on water.


  • A: Two-way television antenna

  • B: Vita glass enclosed sun deck

  • C:Rocket-launched life boats

  • D: Streamlined funnel & ventilator

  • E: Observation and pleasure decks

  • F: Radio broadcast antenna mast

  • G: Master control deck

  • H: Forward salon and gymnasium

  • I: Fog penetration search light

  • J: Teardrop streamlined bow

  • K: Dual rudder system

  • L: Main stateroom decks

  • M: Automobile and storage hold

  • N: Four-unit engines and screws

  • O: Engine rooms

  • P: Dual divided funnels & vents

  • Q: Grand salon and ballroom

  • R: Forward storage hold

  • S: Triple-steel hull

  • T: Moving picture theatre

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