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Earth's Core

Life on Other Worlds > Life on the Planets

Not one of Paul's, but it still illustrates the point

If the Martians are wondering about life on Earth, we are free to wonder about life in the Earth.

Apparently, if you take an amble down to the Earth's core, you'll not only be faced with the molten centre of the planet taking on the role of the Sun, but you'llalso discover that the inhabitants of the interior are exotic insect men who have a taste for novelty light-up buttons. Here we see the same illustrated with a surface visitor who is defending himself with a manhole cover that he has taken along owing to some improbable set of circumstances. Given that he is wearing his first-generation ipod at such a peculiar angle, I am not at all surprised at anything he would do.

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of Doug McClure and Caroline Munro remain a mystery.

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