Tales of Future Past v2

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Bubble House

Future House

Welcome to 1989.  

Cars have fins the size of cutter sails, personal helicopters are commonplace, and housing has gone "green". That's green as in sealing off the house beneath a giant dome of "glassteel" so that the occupants can utterly ignore the outside world. Perfect for the suburbanite who hates nature with a bottomless passion.

Solar powered and revolving to follow the sun, the house of 1989 is fully air conditioned and even enjoys a constant supply of year-round veggies thanks to its hydroponic gardens – though they look more like fish ponds. There's even a glassed off "quiet spot" for the missus so she can scream her head off in complete privacy when the mindless tedium starts to get to her.

I like the staircase, though. Indoor tobogganing, anyone?

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