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Space Food

Future Food

Probably the closest we've come to future food is in the astronaut's lunch box, so it's not surprising that predictions about future food often had a distinctly outer space tinge to them, what with portrayals of spacemen popping food pills, sucking on toothpaste tubes, and generally having a culinary bad time. Naturally, when Kubrick took his famous take on space travel in 2001: a Space Odyssey he touched on the matter of space food.  

In fact, he even gave us a choice of dining. On the one hand, we have the meals served aboard the spaceship USS Discovery, which consisted of pureed dishes that would adhere to their trays and could be scooped up with a spoon with minimum danger of crumbs or rogue chops floating off to gum up Hal's circuits.

On the other, we have the in-flight meals from the Moon shuttle Aires, which are of a more liquid consistency so that they can be sucked through a straw in zero g.

But no matter how you look at it, it's still a steady diet of  soup and pudding.

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