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God, this looks like my Tupperware after a few weeks.  

While NASA was trying to pry beneath the surface of Europa in search of marine life in sealed oceans, they should have considered the obvious answer to whether or not there is life on Europa: Bug-men living in plastic cities. I hear these plastic cities are great, particularly the ones made by "ersatz*" science, but they do tend to pick up flavours from their contents after a while.

It looks like our spaceman has finally made some friends.

It seems the cat women of Ganymede have been letting their dinosaur loose in the Europan cucumber frames (or lettuce patch, or whatever those are) and the Earthman squeezed off a helpful round. From the look on his face, though, he's just discovered that they don't call the Europans the "stinkbug people" for nothing.

A perfect combination of super science and insane low tech.  For your edification we present the ether-power ship. This wonder of science draws power from the very air transmitted from power stations leagues away. It then uses this power to run staggeringly inefficient banks of oars to propel the ship along.  

It's some progress, I suppose.  In the old days they used the ether to power cattle prods to jolt rowers into going faster.

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