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The Atlantic just a bit too wide? Not very comfortable about trying to fly across the whole thing in one go? Wish you could do it in easy stages? Then take the easy road and avoid all that muss and fuss of building long-range aircraft. Simply establish landing fields in the middle of the ocean where you can refuel, take a breather, and get your knees to stop shaking before doing the next bit.

Comes in two varieties: The basic airfield model for sites on the continental shelves, and the deluxe mid-ocean self-contained city as in the Atlantis above. Five star hotels, room for several thousand inhabitants, provides all the amenities for the busy traveller, and has an incredibly well-stocked Duty Free shop. Mind you the 20,000 foot long pilings needed for it to stand on the sea bed are a bit tricky to install, but it beats making the hop from Gander to Shannon all at once, now doesn't it?

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