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Before Fuller became preoccupied with domes, homes & streamlined cars, he dabbled in utterly revolutionising the whole of civilisation.

You can't say he wasn't ambitious.

In 1927, Fuller devised his 4D tower, which was the centrepiece of his plan to use the world's surface and resources with as an efficiency as revolutionary as Einstein's recent restructuring of classical physics. The 4D tower was designed to be a twelve-story building constructed around a central mast in such a fashion that it would be fireproof, largely self-sufficient, aerodynamic, far lighter than a single-family house, require one tenth the cost to operate, and only one day to construct. Furthermore, the flats would come already equipped with all the conveniences of modern living with everything from telephones to typewriters already installed.

If that wasn't enough, the 4D wasn't even intended to be constructed on site.  Instead, it would be built in what would essentially be a factory, loaded on to a zeppelin and flown to desired location. Once there, the zeppelin would drop a bomb (yes, a bomb) and the tower would be set into the crater like a pine tree.

When Fuller talked about "garden cities" he wasn't just referring to the flora, it seems.

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